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This is where we usually tell you about our achievements, show you a couple of impactful case studies with heaps of clients and the appreciation we have received. Don’t worry, this story is definitely not ‘About our Achievements’ but instead, it is literally about the two pillars that led to a monumental moment, the birth of Pursocial.

The formation of the company goes way back to Delhi in 2009. The founders, Akash Loomba and Paranjay Bharal were classmates in Grade 11 and have been friends ever since then.

Paranjay, flew down to Toronto in 2017, to take up a post graduate course in Content Creation. No sooner did he start his journey in the world of a digital creator, everyone started noticing his natural flare in photography, videography and sense of direction in art. His talent to empower brands through visual aid has helped a lot of start-ups in the initial, hustling phase of the business.

During the same period of time, Akash, spent hours in sharpening his skills to be an enterprising digital marketer. After the successful completion of his undergrad as an engineer, he joined his family business and emerged out with splendid management skills.

“Graduation did not seem like a destination, it seemed more like a beginning. It was the beginning of my decision to either pursue MBA or join my family business. My step to go with the family business has made me more agile, diffusing difficult real-time work situations like last minute client requirements, with complete ease.”
-Akash Loomba, Certified Digital Marketer, Pursocial

Akash launched an e-commerce brand in India and has helped various friends back at home in launching their online businesses. The spark in him ignited which led him to achieve bigger over here, in the country of dreams & lakes, Canada.

In 2019, Akash moved to Toronto and he was united with Paranjay. With several discussions around life and work, a thought so pure emerged in the 2 like-minded friends. Pursocial, a platform to help the retail and small-scale ecommerce businesses had taken shape was technically founded on 20th July 2020, in the crux of the pandemic.

We aim at bringing our expertise from our journey to yours. We understand the need of branching out into an online business due to the unforeseen circumstances that arise like COVID-19.


Our Founders

Akash Loomba

Certified digital marketer

Certified Media Buyer by facebook with 4+ years of experience in creating & managing ad campaigns. Core Competency in Ad Campaign Optimization, Direct Response Marketing, Digital Media Buying, Social Media Marketing,Digital Marketing stratergy.

Paranjay Bharal

certified content strategist

I conduct a qualitative and quantitative audit of existing content inventory in order to assess it for accuracy, currency, usefulness, usability and findability. In addition, I am a content creator who creates fast paced video content that is engaging, thought-provoking and stands out in a world where social noise is increasing by the second.

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